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Skyrise provides digital transformation solutions customized for the logistics industry.

Get expert logistics industry assistance on both sides of the Atlantic.



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After all, the point of technology is to make your life easier, isn’t it?

“Skyrise’s software has received numerous accolades for its convenience and end-user experience. (…)

They communicated clearly, met deadlines, and produced strong deliverables throughout the project.”

“Their competences go far beyond IT - they have become an important partner for us. (…)

They have built an understanding of the project’s domain quickly and efficiently.”

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Our skilled developers work closely with logistics industry partners across the globe to create and implement software solutions that help your business thrive.

When you work in logistics, every seconds counts

Location-based services

People and assets tracking

Smart parking

Access control applications

Vehicle tracking

That’s why we go the distance to make sure your custom system boosts workflow, safety and operational efficiency.

Transactions and on-line payment

Traffic flow reporting

Fleet management systems

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Skyrise in action

Gdansk Harbour - Vehicle Flow Management

  • Sped up harbour entrance time by 98% (4 minutes to 4 seconds)
  • Custom panel with all relevant vehicle information
  • Delivered functional version of the system in 3 months

Sesam Sesam - Free Flow Parking Management System

  • System handled over 8 million visits in 2018
  • Integrates RFID, DSRC, uPASS and license plate recognition cameras
  • Payment collection is integrated with the most popular operator in Norway

ABAX Worker - Custom system for construction company management

  • Almost 10000 workers use this system daily
  • Relied on by the logistics industry, the construction industry and more
  • Incorporates mobile and localization tech

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Read Case Study
Read Case Study


// Bluetooth (incl. beacons)

// GPS

// QR & bar codes

// IMU - inertial measurement unit

// LPR - license plate recognition

// Video recognition

// Image processing

From Bluetooth and GPS to license plate recognition and RFID, we know how to put 21st-century tech to work for your transportation business.

Are you getting the most out of modern technology?

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The Skyrise advantage

SaaS development

Web applications

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

IoT systems in logistics, localisation and tracking, access control

Product design and validation

Technological audit with recommendations

At Skyrise, we don’t view you as a customer or client. We view you as a partner and friend. Our solutions have been designed to provide maximum benefit to companies across the globe – from the United States to Norway to right here in Poland.

Here are a few of the many things we can do for you:

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Technical Project Manager

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